Bree Kotomah

Bree Kotomah, the woman behind her eponymous label is a twenty-something science graduate who you could say fell into the designing/dressmaking business. Originally hailing from Ghana, she grew up in NW London and Hertfordshire and always had a deep love for fashion. After completing her undergrad, she worked in fashion PR and found herself making clothes, when her next job at a luxury fashion house unexpectedly fell through. With time on her hands, she designed and handmade a dress (her first ever), which she reluctantly posted Twitter. With a following of only 52, The dress unexpectedly went viral, resulting in hundreds of custom clothing requests. And just like that, Boresa Kotomah was born.

Being completely self-taught in design and creation as of March 2018, Bree spent the next month’s perfecting her craft through orders, sourcing materials and building her brand. In the summer of 2018 Boresa Kotomah was at full steam, with dozens of orders, celebrity clients and a large and rapidly growing social media following, Boresa Kotomah was flourishing. After a successful summer, the official Instagram page was hacked and deleted, causing Bree to put the brand on hold for 3 months. In January 2019, Bree restarted from scratch. This time bigger and better!


Boresa Kotomah is a luxury handmade fashion brand, founded in April 2018.

Creatively inspired by the undeniably rich and beautiful heritage of Ghana fused with Western world trends and culture with a dash of urban and street style.


A brand lead by intention and driven by purpose, Boresa Kotomah prides it’s self not only in creating beautiful, unique clothing but also creating a platform dedicated to giving back and helping others.